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August 04, 2009


Kathleen Kammer Hake

The video worked! And, wow for Julie!!! What an accomplishment! And what fun! I am sure she will remember what that felt like for years to come.


The video did not work for me. :(


Worked great for me. That was impressive!


Wowzers! That is truly impressive. I hope you encourage her to keep up her adventurous nature. I used to be that little girl, no fear of heights, adventures, etc., and then somewhere along the way I developed a fear and now I can't do anything like that. Anyway, go Julie! So brave!


I tried again and it worked this time. Wow! Good for her! And now I crave an iPhone even more. Whose voice is on the video? Is it yours? Are we finally hearing the voice of Verbatim?


Yes, it's me, although I was putting on a bit of a "showy" voice for Julie's benefit. ;-)


Boy, that looks like fun. I wonder if I could do it?


WOW! That is really great! What camp is she at? Thanks for sharing.

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