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August 07, 2009



Girls are so conscious of their bodies and how society views them.It's scary! Our younger daughter gained the freshman 15 at college,but came home determined to lose some of it--although I hadn't said a word. Shopping for clothes in the spring and having to get 6s instead of 2s or 4s was pretty telling.


YES! *Some* fat is necessary. I've discovered that not much does the trick, but it's hard to cook anything without SOME. It can be very hard on the kidneys to have little-to-none. (As well as the digestive system, I would think). Still...that balance can be tricky, especially when a person loves cheese as much as I do.


Yay! I can eat my turkey-and-tomato sandwich with a hint of mayo guilt-free! Now can you help me rationalize having ice cream once or twice a week? I'm thinking that we all need dairy products...


Elena, you eat ice cream because it brings you joy, also an important nutritional element.

Karen, you guys handled that beautifully.


I admire folks who bring up girls with halfway decent body images in the world today. The pressures are just immense, and I think you all said the right things. A little mayo and cream and -- above all -- *butter* make us happy -- what's good for Julia Child is good for most of us.

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