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August 23, 2009



Had to chime in to say as a former lifeguard, we used to throw chocolate bars in the pool. It's a dirty little secret you might say! ;)


The kids have had several birthday parties at Kimballs. We tell them they can invite as many friends as we can fit in the minivan. I love the mini-golf, but not the bumper boats--too many fumes for me. We always order kid-sized ice creams there. Even those are enormous.


I am dying to take my family there, and keep hearing good things about it... my time this summer is ticking so I better do it soon! Re: the pool evacuation, "eeewwww!" is right. That is so nasty. Classic Caddyshack scene! :)


We tend to stick to the Kimball's in Carlisle, which keeps the focus on what really matters: the ice cream.

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