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August 11, 2009



I find myself, at nearly the half-way mark, already preparing to reread IJ. And I am not a rereader of books. I blame this desire on DFW's style of character development, as it's taken me up to this point in the book to feel like I'm finally getting things straight in my head, which leads me to want to start over, knowing what I know now.

And, I've come to love the endnotes. Because of my flight to Chicago, I ended up purchasing a Kindle version of IJ to read on my iPhone during the flight. What a blessing this turned out to bed. No more flipping back and forth through that behemoth of a book. Just a tap and I'm back to my place. I still have to go back to my hard copy, though. I can't stand not knowing where I am in the "big book."

I've also been insanely jealous that you live in the midst of the book's imaginary setting.


That's an incredibly good description of depression.

I may have to read this book.


This is a very intriguing pre-review! When my kids are a little older, I may give it a try. We've got a copy moldering on the bookshelf...

As for your footnote, I always say, "There are two kinds of people in the world: me and everybody else."

Infinite Tasks

Nice post, glad you Showed Up!

I think a lot of 2nd-time readers are actually jealous of us first-timers, and they are on the edge of their seats waiting or us to discover whatever remains to discover in the next 450 pp. One commenter on my blog got so excited he had to put plugs in his orifices so as not to reveal what was coming (and we all appreciate his gesture, I'm sure).


I have actually pulled ahead of schedule after plenty of glorious reading time last weekend (I'm on p. 648). I'm in that paradoxical place where I want to do nothing but read it, but also never want it to end.


OK, I now have possession of the book. That is step one.

Enfield is one of the four towns (buried? destroyed?) flooded to create the Quabbin reservoir that provides Boston's water. A message? What are the others you ask? Dana, Greenwich and Prescott.


I'm envious and mystified. I abandoned IJ at page 250, having derived not a moment of pleasure from the endeavor. I found it grueling, confusing, and self-indulgent. (And I'm a DFW fan--loved his essays.) Maybe if I were more of a puzzle solver..?


Ok - I skipped this (almost) entire entry - and comments. I had to put IJ on hold while on vacation (see my FB page for pics of our AMAZING Alaska cruise) as I had far too many distractions to focus on the book. But I'm with you - at my current 300-something page, I am a believer.

Even as I read my "easy" book (Shadow of the Wind - which, I think, you would hate), I thought of IJ and can not wait to get back to it now that I'm on my home turf.

Susan Champlin

I'm sorry now that I didn't join the Infinite Summer readathon—I just didn't trust myself to stay on track, with a huge work project due in September. But my 25-year-old nephew is on his third reading of IJ; his enthusiasm and your description have convinced me that it's time for me to start. Thanks, Karen!

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