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August 05, 2009



Hmm. I agree with much of what you say. I also loved Rosemarie DeWitt in this movie. I've never seen her in anything else that I can recall. I thought the family tragedy was a crucial part of the plot. It was so heart-wrenching that it explained much of what Anne Hathaway's character and the others were going through. The scene with Debra Winger was over-the-top and rather disturbing. I'm glad I saw the movie too.


The Sixth Sense was excellent, but if it freaked you out that bad then you're a pretty sensitive movie watcher!


Did you notice Robin Hitchcock playing at the wedding? That was a fun surprise for me.


Oh yes, but I was tired of the reception by that point. (And I had seen his name in the credits, so I wasn't surprised. Yet another stupid spoiler!)


1. I loved the reception - I could have had more!
2. I am the same exact way with reviews (esp evil NY Times that practically tell you the whole entire story!), and the same exact thing happened with me with The Sixth Sense. I made my bf come to the bathroom with me at night, and I still have to consciously forget certain scenes which have haunted me for a long time!!!
3. Thanks for the dishwasher link. We've had more than our share of childish dishwasher "discussions" in our house :)
4. I am interested to see "centers around" in your posting. My sophomore English teacher forbid us from using that phrase and I've shied away from it ever since. He argued that it was impossible to logically center around something, since the center is in the middle, so you can only center on something.


1. By the time the reception scene came along, I was so tense and anxious from all the drama that I could barely enjoy it. I kept expecting "something" to happen.
2. I still now and then expect a corpse to be in my closet. How I wish I could unsee that movie!
3. I'm the dishwasher geek in my family!
4. You're right, "centers around" should be "centers on" -- it's not something I was ever taught, so I tend to forget about it when speaking/writing colloquially. Thanks for the reminder!

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