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August 22, 2009



Maybe the missing sneaker will have been donated to an organization that provides shoes for amputees?

(I seem to be more tactless than usual tonight.)


$50 (First pair) - $25 (one lost shoe) + $20 (new pair) = $45!

Check my math, but I think you actually made $5 off of this!


My younger daughter has a water bottle like that, although not pink! She loses or ruins lots of stuff, so I'm glad that she now doesn't care where we buy things. I don't worry so much about losing a shirt that cost $5 versus one that was $30.


We lost a lot of items at camp this year. I guess I shouldn't be so hard on my son since he's only 7. He has touble keeping track of so much stuff. He lost both sneakers, two towels, two reusable water bottles and his soccer shin guards. We too picked through the lost and found (yuck, lots of damp towels) and were able to recover the sneakers and shin guards, so not too bad. We also found one of his shirts that I didn't even know was missing!

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