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August 26, 2009



Thanks for this post and for the link to the Safe Digressions post. A sad day for many of us.


Great post!


I hope there will be many inspired by him because he was truly a statesman and served others through his leadership.


What a terrible loss for MA and Senate. Time will tell if he was a product of his time, or if another will rise to such prominence in politics.

It has been amazing to hear all the stories of the many ways in which Kennedy touched so many lives, most of them out of the eyes and pens of the press. He really did grow into his own, and became much greater than I imagine anyone thought he could be when he assumed the office at age 30.

I hope that the spirit of his bi-partisanship will inspire other politicians to act with more civility as this health care legislation moves through the system.


Over on my blog, the only mention he got from me was a link to a CNN story about some little Russian girl he helped decades ago. I guess it's because I spend so much time baiting conservatives, but the volume of hatred that filled the comments is just unbelievable. According to them, it's outrageous that I should even speak of the man in approving tones. He's a characterless man who's probably guilty of murder, etc.



Scott, see what they think of this: http://rudepundit.blogspot.com/2009/08/message-on-ted-kennedy-to-conservatives.html (via @Fritinancy)


I am far more saddened than I ever thought I would be. I am not anywhere near as liberal as he was, but I am in awe of his lifelong commitment to the service of others. I feel many politicians, liberal or conservative are ultimately self-serving, knowing they can and will prosper after they retire from politics with the contacts they have made, lobbying opportunities, etc.

Although, I didn't always agree with (or vote for) Ted Kennedy, there was no question whatsoever about his dedication to public service. He was born to power and money, so he certainly did not have to choose the life of service that he lived so well.

God rest his soul. We have lost a statesman like few others.

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