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August 08, 2009



I stayed up, too, and also don't want to talk about it. Today has been no picnic, either. I think the chatting between players is just a natural byproduct of being in a pretty exclusive fraternity. Plus, so many of them share the same agents, sponsors, etc., that they probably spend a lot of time counting their money together. As a fan, I find it disconcerting.


Hockey players chat with each other when they're in the penalty box. Some of us speculated it was what Andy said, "Hey, where's a good place to eat around here?"


Or, as my son calls him...A-Fraud!


In his autobiography "Mr. Cub," (given to me by my brother Kevin, Christmas 1971) Ernie Banks tells the story of how a player on the opposing team said, "my wife and I have been wanting to invite you and Mrs. Banks to dinner," and the invitation was made and accepted before Banks took off for the next base.

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