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August 31, 2009



Good for Gap.

I saw the dooce post about Maytag and it kind of annoyed me they did nothing until they found out it was Heather with the huge readership. If it was a plain old customer they'd still have a broken washer.


Yeah, like me! :-(


However...Karen, your Maytag issue was pre-Twitter. It was the power of twitter and Dooce that brought Maytag to its knees and made Bosch into a hero. I'd bet if it happened now, you'd twitter it and with your readership, the problem would be resolved much more satisfactorily. You have internet power!


"Cut me some slack" -- hahaha! Khaki slack, apparently.


I don't understand why you were returning only 4 pairs if you ordered 8, and he chose one of each of 2 different syles. Shouldn't there have been 6 rejects? Did Andy choose 2 of each style? I also enjoyed the "slack" pun!


I meant that he tried on Style A (of which there were 4 pairs) and Style B (of which there were 4 pairs) and chose Style A. So he kept all 4 pairs of Style A and returned all 4 pairs of Style B. Sorry that wasn't clear!


Wasn't sure if by 'no shipping' you meant no bother of packing and shipping or no cost but in case it was because you didn't want to pay for shipping, my niece who works at Gap says you can print out a free return shipping label from Gap online. She says, keep just put it over the label on the box your stuff came in and send it back.


The one you print out is free BUT then they deduct $6 from your refund. :-(


Sorry bout that. I'll explain to my niece what free means. :-)

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