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August 27, 2009



I like giving things away and it shouldn't matter if people are appreciative. But it does...


I agree entirely, Margaret. It shouldn't matter, but it does. It's only human to want a kindness to be acknowledged.

Karen, you're sweet to give away your extra free passes -- and your friend is sweet to give you passes in the first place. What a nice treat! (Well, for your kids anyway...) Glad you managed to find something in it to enjoy (mmmm...hot tub), not least the pleasure of that woman's response to the free passes!


I used to dread going to those water parks, but once I got in & started going on the slides with my kids, I always ended up have a great time. Wisconsin has a ton of indoor water parks and they were a real treat during the long winters when my kids were small.


Good on ya.



is whale's tale the old canobie lake or water country? i've never heard of it...


Yep. There are plenty of times when I give anonymous donations, but in that case I guess I was looking for some gratitude -- or at least pleasure!


Nope, Canobie and Water Country are still around; Whale's Tale is up in Lincoln.

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