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August 02, 2009


Ellen Kimball

Gather looks like a very interesting site. However, my primary care doctor took a look at my health questionnaire and my annual physical results.

He held my hand and said, "Ellen, how much time are you spending on the computer and screening movies in a sitting or sedentary position? You really need to exercise more -- move -- and get away from the desk. It might help your low back problems, too."

So, maybe I'll Gather instead of Twitter(ing). But what about my blog? And my email? Kids? Grandkids? Cooking? Travel? How can I be so busy? I need about 48 hours in every day!




Gather sounds fascinating and I might try it out. I'm not set up for Twitter at all and don't have the kind of job where I could maintain it. (nor do I think I really want to since there is something that bothers me about being that connected all the time) I blog and do FB(neither of which I can do at school either) and that will have to do for computer obsessions. ;)


Gather sounds a bit like the "Navy for Moms" site I'm currently on, which I've enjoyed for the support and information I get from it with my kiddo in Navy Boot Camp. (It would drive you nuts, though, as it does me, because people CANNOT SPELL, CANNOT WRITE...) but that's not the point, of course. It's more of a support group type thing. But I might check out Gather. Facebook isn't cutting it for me. (But I do LOVE Twitter!)

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