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August 16, 2009



I sometimes envy my friends with the older kids too. But then I hear what they are paying for college tuition and that envy seeps right out of me.


I did all that stuff before I met my husband. By the time he came along, we were both ready for kids. I will never regret the five years I lived in Barcelona after college, but I'm not sure I'll ever tell my daughters about getting rides home on the motorbikes of boys I had just met, hitchhiking to Paris, spending one New Year's Eve alone in the Brussels airport to avoid paying for a place to sleep, and dancing with the baggage handlers at midnight... too afraid they'd want to follow in my footsteps!


I discuss this with my friends often. Many of us waited to have children and we debate whether it would have been easier to have them younger, when we were less tired. But mostly I feel like I did a lot of great things and had a lot of fun, and was ready to settle down. Even though we didn't think about this at the time, waiting to have kids put us in a better place financially. We had established careers, a house and I had flexibility to take some time off from work and stay home with the babies.

Todd Randolph

re getting thrown out of the boat: was it something you sad? seems a little extreme...

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