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September 01, 2009



Tell Pete that I got salmonella poisoning from eating cookie dough once. It was not dough in a package, but dough I made from scratch.


No, I will not tell him that! Kill-joy! First the bat, now this. ;-) (Does that mean your kids never get to eat cookie dough?)


Yum that look so good! Think I'll make it for the weekend.


My kids only get cookie dough when it comes in ice cream. And thanks for teaching me the word "fantods." Awesome.


I could exist entirely on chocolate chip cookie dough. Not a good thing?


We LOVE raw cookie dough, so I usually make it with Egg Beaters to avoid the raw egg problem (apologies to you purists.


Sounds delicious. Do you think you could bake the meatballs and speed up that part of the process? I've had great luck baking other (though larger) meatballs. You could probably even stick the baking pan straight on the burner to get the good bits when you add the chicken broth, etc.


Tell Pete that I'm so used to putting odds and ends into my mouth when I'm cooking that I have to talk to myself OUT LOUD when I'm cutting the icky bits off of chicken so that I make sure and throw it down the garburator AND I'M NOT EVEN TEASING MY MOTHER!

Also, yes, can one bake meatballs? Is this a good idea?


I let my not-quite-two-year-old make turkey meatballs with me. His are very, um, interesting looking.

I don't let him eat cookie dough yet but I will when he is older and has a bit stronger immune system. That's the best part of making cookies!


You used "howling fantods"! I've been wanting to toss that one into my conversation or a tweet or something, but haven't been able to find the right circumstances. Good on ya!

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