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September 14, 2009



Love the book idea! We moved to Boca the year that Haley was Bat Mitzvah age. Oy vey! Haley didn't have one, but it seemed like she was invited to one every other week! Fortunately we got out of Dodge before my social butterfly Rory got to that age. There are no Jews in Fuquay-Varina, NC.


I love your book idea! And I always throw away my envelope unless I need the return address.


Book idea is great! In case you want to look internationally: My children's school is supporting "Room to Read", which supplies books to schools in impoverished parts of the world. My impression is that girls especially benefit because often their education comes last. The "Room to Read" website has instructions on in-kind donations, including books.


You can also design your own invitation and have them printed which we did twice--the second time with Deborah's artwork--adds a personal touch. I know Steph is very artistic.


I love the book idea. Kids at our synagogue have done that. Here is an idea for Peter for his BM - sports equipment and donating them to a place in Boston.

Good luck.

I also agree . . . I throw out the envelopes. A simple, elegant invitation is my choice.


Love the book idea.


The book idea is great!


The centerpieces will be fabulous! Great idea.


Yes, we throw out (recycle) the envelopes, and on that note, the more extravagant the invitation, the less environmentally friendly. That's another fabulous excuse, along with budget, to keep things very simple.


I love reading about the Bat Mitzvah, but does this mean we can look forward to 5 months of posts with "BM" in the title??


Love the book idea! That would be adorable. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE children's books. My son is only (not quite) 2 and he already has an embarassing, ridiculous number of books, some completely age-inappropriate just because I love them and wanted him to have them for later.

The other day we received a bat mitzvah save-the-date (or STD! Another lovely acroymn!) for my husband's eleventy-third cousin 14 times removed. It was a single card, but layered with a zebra-print background, a silver metallic border and a hot pink main section. I had to giggle. Clearly the special girl got to pick her own STD, and it was certainly one of the more, um, festive ones we've received.

Love the BM updates! (Hee hee.) Keep 'em coming!


book idea great. donations could be to reach out and read or cool bookstore on moody street for at risk teens. they run it and you should check it out.


We are doing the books too! Two huge baskets of books for the bimah, and then on the tables, stacks of books wrapped in ribbon. Easy mitzvah project/decoration in one!


Echoing everyone else: the book centerpiece idea is terrific, and yes, definitely save money and trees on the envelopes. Good grief, the things some people can think of to waste money on...

Our synagogue has a "greening your simcha" committee, which shares ideas about keeping life cycle celebrations environmentally responsible within an individual family's comfort zone. (In other words, you don't have to have your BM in a yurt in order to be worthy of calling your simcha greened!!) Anyway maybe your shul has such a thing; if not, I can hook you up if you're interested. No pressure, of course.

Good luck with it all! I can imagine it feeling very overwhelming.

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