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September 15, 2009



Crazy and busy, but also wonderful and exciting; c'est la vie!


It does sound exciting! All of it! Exhausting, true, but in a good way. Right? And I covet your ability to work at home. Been thinking about that...




Sounds exhausting! I think most Moms at "our stage" would, if given the chance, hire a full-time chauffeur. Talk about non-value-added activity! I mean, sometimes it's fun because you have your kid as a truly captive audience, but most of the time it's just locking and unlocking, driving and stopping and sitting in waiting rooms.


This is why I always say that I need a "wife".


Sounds exactly like my crazy schedule i.e. school volunteering, helping with homework, sports activities, hebrew school, and did I mention I work full time OUTSIDE of the home? I need Calgon too. I just wish it actually was the answer to all my problems! :)


Honestly? Thus must be the joys of being a parent.

But really honestly? I have no idea how you do it. My typical week includes work (of course), the gym, several 5-mile runs, weekly sculpture class, French class at the Alliance Francais on Saturday, reading with my blind neighbor on Tuesdays, several volunteer commitments and daily dog walking.

And my calendar hardly has room "sliders" night at our local bistro.

Sounds pretty luxurious when compared to yours. Jeesh... No wonder Mothers are the stronger species.

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