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September 16, 2009



If you heard some, you'd go "Oh!! That guy?" Golddigger, for instance:


My 15-year-old son keeps me updated on these kinds of things. I have to listen his music every time we're in the car (which I do happily). I think Kanye sings in the background on some song that I like, but I couldn't name it if my life depended on it.


Upon hearing about "Kanye-Gate," my first thought was "What is happening to this country? What happened to even basic manners?"

Then I started seeing buzz on the inter-tubes about just that thought. So I am not the only one.

You know what I think? Do you want to know what I think? I think it's all the fault of cell phones. It's those damn cell phones.


I would be shocked if he were a really nice guy who suddenly blurted out what he did. However, I don't think his reputation was all that great to start with. I wasn't very surprised.

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