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September 30, 2009



Standing ovation here. Clap! Clap! Clap!


You are right on! Tardiness is totally disrespectful. And I can't get over how many parents I know who just don't get that "don't reward bad behavior" rule! Drives me nuts.


Yes, it did hit a chord. Now kids even walk in late with an excused tardy from a parent, carrying a Starbucks coffee. YOU HAD TIME TO GET A COFFEE, BUT STILL CAN'T GET HERE ON TIME? To me, it's a slap in the face and disrespectful of what I'm trying to do and teach in my classroom--which,as well as curriculum, includes important life skills like punctuality and good attendance. Won't they have to have those attributes on any JOB? See, I got started after all...


Here, Here! I've had this argument with people with kids (read: family) - who assure me that because I don't have children, I cannot begin to imagine what it's like to be responsible for someone else. Since I don't have kids, I can't argue that point - I just try to make the "teaching personal responsibility" point.

And that point about the whining and the cookie? If I had a penny for every time I've used that example...well, let's just say my nieces and nephews (all 10 of them) have learned to only ask *me* something once.


Oh heck. I'm one of those people you all disdain. I am frequently a few minutes late and am struggling to avoid passing this annoying characteristic along to my children. In my (pathetic) defense, I am always on time for professional engagements -- it's the getting the two small children out the door on time that I fall short on. (That and not ending my sentences with prepositions!) I hear and respect what you're saying, but it's hard for me in real life to get it all together.


I can't even begin to tell you, well maybe I don't even have to tell you how many people arrive late to classes, don't show-don't call and then later expect to make up the class because they missed it.
Thus making me look like the bad guy when I explain that I bought in the food for their class and they didn't let me know so i am now out the expense. Some have argued with me for so long about it that I give in sometimes just to keep the customer happy. It is not an ideal situation, but what do you wan a happy customer or a pissed off customer who often feels that they did nothing wrong.

I used to have the chefs hold a class until people arrived, but I now I just let them start and late arrivals either catch up or miss out on the recipe. last week someoone arrived an hour and 15 minutes late to a 3 hour class! I think it's rude to everyone who arrived on time and paid.
Stand up to the tardy!


My office just had a meeting where the director had to address lateness. Of course it would have been better to address the offenders individually, but she did it in a group setting. Anyway, her point was, if you are having touble getting to work everyday on time, or several days a week, you need to adjust something. Leave earlier, get up earlier. Change something in your morning routine. I'm amazed that adults need to be told this. When I have to be somewhere, I calculate in my mind what needs to happen before then and how much time it will take. Same with my kids. I make sure they are on time to school and activities. Someday they are going to have to show up to a job on time. It's just rude to continually show up late.




My former boss was late to everything . . . clients, referral sources, etc. I started to feel like a nag. My favorite is that he was late for more than ONE plane ride, and he was horrified that he needed to pay a fee to rebook! Come on. This isn't a subway ride for $2, it is a plane ride for hundreds.

Late, late and late. His kid hated to be late, and my boss really tried hard to be ontime for him, but he was late, just not as late.


I teach spinning at 5:45am and 6am at different clubs. About 3/4 of the people show up on time, 1/4 are late. I start on time every time out of respect for the people who got there 5 minutes early so they could get a full hour workout. It amazes me how many times the late people complain that I start the class on time instead of waiting for them to arrive!


I have clients of very long standing--about 15 years--who schedule meetings at their office and show up late every single time. The designers and I always arrive on time or a little early, and we always sit around for 15 or 20 minutes wondering when the client team will mosey into the conference room. There's never an apology or an explanation. After 15 years, we're sort of used to it, but it's still maddening.


Karen - you obviously have done great job with your kids, but I have had an awful time getting my son to school in elementary school. He hated to go and had me in tears quite a few times; we live a 4 minute walk there! Nina, on the other hand is so easy to get ready. I'm never late with her. With Henry we were late about 10-13 times a semester during the K-5. I have post-traumatic stress from the 6 year ordeal. Middle School is more pleasant for him and hence he gets off to school well. So it's not so simple with children being late to school. There may be underlying issues. Some days, and some not so long ago, I wanted to take a long walk off a short pier - it was HARD. My father was tough. In the sales-business, if someone were 5 minutes late, he would leave!

So I would blame me and I do with the caveat that it was the combo-platter of me, Henry and his hated-school that led us to be chronically late.


I have to agree that there are often other issues. While I will own that I am personally late often, I do not take school tardiness lightly. Getting to school on time was very difficult for us and it wasn't for lack of trying on my part. Everyone has different challenges in their lives at different times and it is important to remember that.

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