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September 26, 2009



Reminds me of some of the knee problems I developed about six years ago. I'd been running in a gorgeous county park with a lot of hills. I almost gave up running entirely before I realized it was the act of running down the hills that was killing me. I started running on the street after that. Level streets. Problem solved. Lesson learned: going down hills or stairs is a lot harder on the knee joint than you think!

Recover quickly.


Stairs are harder on tricky ankles too. I can run on my ankle, but it doesn't always like to come downstairs! I'm glad that no major damage was done. I'm relieved about that, but disappointed that we can't have a photo. ;)


Karen -- The same thing has been happening to me since I was a kid. I took a few falls down the stairs (and one terrible spill off my bike)but then learned to hold on whenever I'm on stairs. It stinks -- no warning -- one minute I'm fine, the next my knee gives out and down I go. My trainer and I do a lot of work to strengthen the muscles supporting the knee, which helps, but doesn't entirely solve, the problem. I'm sorry it happened to you!


Ouch! Why were you holding back the tears? I would've been sobbing!


I want a photo. We, your faithful readers, should not be denied.

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