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September 06, 2009



Congratulations! I'm more of a crossword type, but my 17 yr old son is a SET wizard. We used to play it a lot at home, but he always won so it wasn't all that fun for anyone else. Maybe you should challenge him to a game? I'd like to see two wizards go at each other.


When I did Sweeney Todd at the New Rep, we all got addicted to SET. We'd play backstage every chance we got, and some of us got pretty good at it, though not wizardy like you! My birthday fell on a Monday night during the run, and the cast came over to my house for a party. One of my ensemble colleagues bought me my very own game of SET as a birthday gift. (Also a frog hot water bottle!) I've yet to teach my kids the game, but that day will come...

Rachel Cortez

Hi Karen,
Thanks for the tip about SET online. I just tried it - I love that game. I remember playing a lot with the kids when they were younger, but it's really a good mind game for adults.
Have a great day,

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