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September 29, 2009



Do NOT get me started on parents who bring their kids late every day to school...


Your comment about people who don't follow the rules because they don't understand why they're in place to begin with only goes so far. There are people who just don't care or can't follow a rule to save their lives. I have gone on many a tirade about my fellow classmates in my Art Appreciation class who don't follow the rules even when they are spelled out completely in small words and sentences. I call these people morons. :-)


I've had to do this too during my "free" periods when I was substitute teaching. There were times when I had trouble even understanding the name from the recording. Yes, it is an administrative nightmare. It defeats the purpose of the whole system when parents don't follow the rules.


Seems like there should be an e-mail address too...that would be way more convenient for parents and would help you because in theory there would be some sort of name attached to the e-mail that would help in your mystery-solving.


I love Kerri's idea of the email! I am such an email person and not a phone person. I always worry if I forget a vital piece of information (teacher, because I can never remember the room #).


I hate the safe phone thing. Let me send an email!

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