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September 27, 2009



I am very proud of you! Anytime you need someone to take her shopping just call me! Send along your credit card and Steph and I will have a blast!


You're lucky there wasn't a gift card with a photo of a young man with his pants about to fall off! Oh wait...that's Abercrombie.

I always refer to the mall now as "the dreaded mall" because of you. My daughter thinks there is something genetically wrong with me because I hate shopping so intensely.


Not to mention the decibel level of the music that is played in those stores is beyond belief. I feel like an old lady even typing that, but really--is it designed to send the parents stumbling out the doors, hands pressed to ears, leaving children with credit cards to purchase at will? I'll take boring elevator music over the "coonka coonka chunk" beat any day.


Don't overlook J.C. Penney at that same dreaded mall, where Elena and most of her friends on the 7th grade Bat Mitzvah circuit got their party dresses.


TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Filene's Basement might be a good source for a jacket-type cover thing. They have good teen and grown up accessories, and Steph might fit into a very small grown up size. You could go to the dreaded Arsenal Mall for Marshall's and FB, which isn't that bad because they're right next to each other so you could be in and out.

Obviously, you'll have to post pictures for all of us. :)


Could you post a picture when she is wearing the whole outfit?

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