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September 22, 2009



Did you know that they have trapeze classes at the JCC? And that there is a russian guy in Newton that has a trapeze school in his rebuilt garage? My daughter likes to fly, too!


My kids did the trapeze at Club Med in the Dominican Republic, but they were older than Julie! They have a super program there for teens. I felt nauseous just standing on the ground looking up at them!


Totally cool!


Gosh, I'd like to try that. I keep flirting with the much more staid notion of trying to get certified as a Pilates instructor -- maybe I should join the circus instead, like Toby Tyler.


I so want to do this; I have a friend who went to Jordan's for her fortieth and said it was a blast. Maybe i'll go for my (gulp) 50th (not for a few years though).


This is awesome! (I probably would have lost my glasses, though!) Go, Julie!

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