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September 17, 2009



It's awful, isn't it? I'm shaken to the core, too. Thanks for the helping hands link. I was wondering about that.


Both my uncle and aunt died of aneurysms within a year of each other; they were youngish (in their 60s) so it was a shock. How awful for your community to deal with this! Thinking of you.


From what I've heard, it's much more common among the young, particularly women in their 30s. This man who died was 42.


I have personally known of two people who suddenly died from aneurysms, one who collapsed at the checkout stand at the grocery store. It's devastating for the survivors because there is no "goodbye," no warning, no anything! And I'm not sure that there is anything any of us could know what do to prevent them!


The two I knew were in their late 50s, early 60s.


a friend from college's husband died a few months ago - he died of cancer, so there was a "goodbye" of sorts, but she has some great thigs to say about what you can do to help the grieving - here is her blog http://artnagle.blogspot.com/
She has 3 kids too and her blog is very honest about what she is going through. I can't vene imagine....


There was a girl in my high school who died of an aneurysm. Very shocking & sad.


Wow. It reminds you how precious life is. Enjoy the people around you every minute that you can.

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