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October 12, 2009



Ah... Happy Birthday to your youngest, Mom! My mother's youngest is 40. I'm just sayin'. Enjoy!


She looks so grown up! Happy birthday!


I wish you'd elaborate on the Great Typeface Controversy. It sounds positively riveting.


Great photo--and my girls had to wait until they were 10, just because I made the older one and then she watched carefully to make sure Younger Sister didn't get any special privileges. I want to hear about the Great Typeface controversy too; who knew that drama could ensue over THAT? My baby is 19 and in college. Time does fly.


Just tell Steph that in your day, kids didn't get to pick anything about the bat mitzvah. Because they were too busy walking to and from school in six feet of snow uphill both ways. :-)


Happy Birthday Julie! My oldest just turned 8 on Oct. 3. I think the number 8 definitely says no longer a baby. :(


Wow, that sounds like a perfect day of turning 8!


Happy birthday, Julie! What a beautiful young lady!!

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