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October 31, 2009



I'm so glad to see the title of your post. I actually heard someone on the radio refer to yesterday (Oct. 30) as All Hallows' Eve. They must be thinking that it refers to the day/night before Halloween, just as Christmas Eve refers to the day/night before Christmas. Gah!


I heard the same thing as Elena and thought,"Huh?" The costumes are great and so is your list of candy! (my favs are Kit Kats,Mounds and regular M&Ms.) A big no on the Twizzler. :)


You may have eaten all that, but if you share the same size as your 12 year old daughter, you're in good shape!!


That is a riot! Love the ankles and "L" on S's forehead. Very, very funny! I had a 3 musketeers, countless snickers and 2 reeses peanutbutter cups.

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