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October 14, 2009



Happy Birthday Andy! Have you ever listened to Terry Gross interview Steve Martin about his banjo playing? Very fun and interesting interview- bet you would both love it!


Oh golly. The maple-walnut tart. I'll be right over . . .

Actually, I make a similar dessert, but rather than use maple syrup, mine has you caramelize the sugar, and then douse it with whipping cream, after which you pour it over the walnuts and bake. I have a slightly limited sweet tooth, but this kind of thing, esp. when the weather is cool, is one of my downfalls. Enjoy!

peter c

please federal express me some maple nut tart.


Happy Birthday a day late to Andy. A banjo! Both utterly fascinating and absolutely appropriate. Off to check out the maple-nut tart, mouth watering.


I love banjos. I wish I could play one, but alas, I can not. My sister can, though. There is a guy here in town, his photo was in a recent TAB edition that is a great player and he goes to Berklee. He might be able to give Andy lessons. He's a good friend of my son's, so if Andy is interested in lessons, let me know and I'll try and fix him up.

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