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October 28, 2009



'Skip blithely between tenses' reads a lot like my last French composition. Only in English.


I wonder if the Craigslist ads are deliberately written badly to play up how much they need proofreaders.


Hi Karen -
Another one like "trial of the century" is "crime of the century". When some Monets were stolen from the Marmottan Museum in Paris in 1985, a spokesperson for the museum said, "This is the crime of the century. It's as though the Mona Lisa had been stolen." In point of fact, the Mona Lisa WAS stolen, in 1911. And returned in 1913.
Obliquely it reminds me of MTV giving out a "Video Clip of the Century" award in 2000. Jelly Roll Morton wasn't in the running.


"flute in English?" As opposed to trombones or violins?

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