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October 03, 2009



I dropped down to only one DVD at a time. It's about $10 per month, and I still have the DVD sitting here for months and months. We never seem to be able to find the time to watch a movie.


I rent stuff i can watch on the treadmill or watch with the kids. Now that they're older we watch young-adult stuff together. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is popular with them right now.


I keep my $5 a month Netflix membership. For $5 I get 2 DVDs a month and that's really all I have time to watch. BTW if you cancel your membership and then re-up even months later they still have your queue.


Have you tried Redbox? If you have one that's convenient, it's only $1 per movie and they have a decent selection. We recently gave up Netflix because we're so busy and the kids don't go to bed at 7:30 anymore. I also like that i can run out and get the kids a movie at the last minute.


You might want to drop to the lowest plan that will allow you to do a Roku (that will cost you $100, but it's a one-time purchase); that way you still have lots of access to stuff when you have the time/inclination to watch, but overall it will cost you less. It's something we're toying with doing, because we seem to go in fits and spurts. Sometimes we won't watch a movie for months, then others we'll want to watch stuff and not have anything available.


Hmmm. Now I'm wondering why Netflix is charging me $9.53 per month for 1 DVD at a time if Dona is paying $5 for two! Is that 2 DVDs out at any given time, or only 2 for the entire month?


You can always "suspend" your account with Netflix and then reinstate it at a later date.


Elena it's 2 DVDs per month but only one at a time.

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