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October 10, 2009



L'eggs? Around here anyway you can get them at the grocery store. They're pretty decent and come in lots of colors and types.


I find shopping to be a rude awakening--the styles, colors, PRICES, etc...Both of my kids are Target or Value Village shoppers and I'm thankful for that. (the younger one used to be into name brands, but outgrew that--thankfully) And strangely, neither daughter wears make although they both used to. Weird.


TJ Maxx, Marshalls, great place for pantyhose. Very soon they stop wearing the hose and you won't care. You might want to stick a pair of low socks in her bag, the kids don't wear the shoes for very long. You might look for ballet type shoes,

If you can tolerate it - go to Forever 21, dresses are cheap and if you can dig through - you can find lots of cute dresses for very little money

we were in 344 today - prices have come down a LOT and there were so many cute skirts and dresses.

just a suggestion - as we are finishing our third round of bar/bat mitzvahs...

good luck


Villzge Kids in the Highlands, and Pink BM dresses and suits, and they have tween size panty hose.


We've been wearing Walgreens brand pantyhose for years--they go on sale and we stock up.

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