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November 25, 2009



Congrats to Pete! I recently ran into someone who was in my daughter's 4th grade class, which was 8 years ago. She had only known my daughter about 2 months and hadn't seen her since. When I told her I thought she had known my daughter years ago, she and her mother both instantly remembered her and paid her the nicest compliment a mother could hope to hear. The girl--who apparently had been sort of an outcast among her classmates--said "She was nice to me when no one else was." I nearly cried!


I absolutely love these. The "even girls" part made me laugh SO HARD.


That's my kind of guy for sure. I remember when my own son was recognized by the staff at the school for, in their terms, "being a leader." It seems the event that finally moved them to make a big deal out of it was that he befriended a boy from Burma, a refugee who couldn't speak much english, whose family had been killed in the civil war there. It seems the other kids weren't always inclined to be nice to him--but my son put an end to that. Since he was tall and popular and good looking, the other kids followed his lead after that. I don't think I was ever prouder when I heard about it.

Anyone can be born the smartest, the strongest or the prettiest. The real quality of a person is in their choices of behavior.

Lori Z.

So sweet. I love this idea, too. I'll be asking the kids when they wake up.


In a way, this is your report card, isn't it? I think you got an "A" -- kudos!

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