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November 15, 2009



Thanks, Karen! Very interesting, and I now have a greater understanding. (I had to laugh: "It's not a wedding." Furrowed brows...) I can totally imagine the potential sob-fest.

Heh heh, and 2012 is just around the corner!


It sounds like many things now; it can be totally overdone, or tasteful and special. (weddings, dances, ceremonies, etc...) You're going the fun route! (a DJ, that's great) We have very few Jews around where I live and many students can't conceive of ANYONE not being Christian. It's sad and frightening.


Even though I have been to a handful of my husband's cousins' bat/bar mitvahs, no one has ever bothered to explain it to me in those clear, concise terms. Though I guess I never asked, either! Thank you!

What is the average length would you say? Some of his other cousins' have been about a hour to an hour and a half, but there is one coming up in a few weeks that is scheduled for three hours! Though I believe this cousin is more conservative than the others...does that have anything to do with it?


Karen, my son's bar mitzvah was on Saturday and it was an amazing experience. The party was great, but watching him do the service and Torah readings... unbelievable. Are you reading Torah? I did, for the second time ever, and it made me nervous for the whole beginning of the service. I don't know if I will do that again next time.

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