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November 30, 2009



I thought that you only address a woman as "Mrs. Mary Smith" if she is a widow. Have I been wrong about that all along??


I love all this etiquette stuff, but don't follow it as much as I should! I would love to see a photo of the invitation, and even the stamp. I am a curious person!!


I can remember my grandmother sending letters to my little brother addressed to Master John Bunyan. So cute! But that was a long, long time ago.


My sons are 8 and 4 and I have an aunt who addresses them as Master on cards that she sends. They always crack up when they receive them.


"1. Number the guest list, and then write the corresponding numbers in tiny print on the back of the reply cards. That way if you get one back that doesn't have a name on it, you'll know whose it is."

This is sheer genius! Thanks, Invitation Lady!


61 cents is great - mine were $1.05 and the 5 cent stamps were so ugly.

Don't forget, you also have to spell out the address numbers if it's under 100... Fourteen Main Street, etc.

I addressed some 12-year-old boys as Master - hope they weren't offended!

Good luck with everything - it's such fun getting the responses back!!


Why not a sponge? Just because the invitation might get soggy?


Alissa, I avoided a lot of weight by not having inner envelopes, not having lined envelopes, and having only 2 "layers" on the invitation.

I'm only spelling out house numbers if they're under 10.


Way to stick with the style book, Karen! :-)


Please post more tips! We're planning a wedding on somewhat short notice and these ideas are enormously helpful!!!

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