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November 12, 2009



I remember those days and they are fleeting, although they don't seem like it. Seize the moment and the day! I did a fairly good job of that, but really do miss those times of being busy with children and life. Gymnastics, ballet, choir, art, piano lessons, voice lessons... Maybe I'm starting to miss it less. :)


Yes, sounds familiar. Sigh.


Sigh, I get it. And I have only two kids. I hope you can find a little breathing space, Karen. It's no fun to feel so downtrodden! Is there anything I can do to help?


I feel lucky, I guess. I typically get up at 4:30 or 5 and I have about an hour to myself. What do I use this time for, you ask? Laundry, paying bills, mopping floors so no one slips 'cuz it's dry by the time Tony's back from the gym or Tomas wakes up. I actually like doing my "chores". The next hour includes making beds, breakfast, showering, dressing, driving to Kinder and going to work. The next 9 hours include commuting, working, being the primary breadwinner. The next couple are cook, or be cooked for, and kitchen clean up, playing (often involves Transformers or Spy Gear) and bed. Around 3 I'm often awake. And then in another 2 hours or so I'm up anyway. Still trying to find a way to disguise the time on work-related emails because it's embarassing when other people realize that you've responded in the middle of the night. Today, however, I finished a book while on the "throne" at 6 AM (trust me, I'm not usually there alone) AND I had a mani/pedi - one hour out of the week which is less than .6% of the total time in a week - but that is more than I usually get to spend on me, myself and I in any given week - and it felt luxurious. You can find that hour. By the way, in between finishing a book and my mani-pedi, we went to a book signing at Barnes and Noble for Conrad Storad's latest - Rattlesnake Rules. Tomas loved it.

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