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November 08, 2009



Ok, I haven't smelled my washer recently which means it probably doesn't smell. Or that our whole basement smells and I have no odor-discrimination. But, BUT! You know how you wear a shirt to the gym some eighty thousand times because it's really the only gym shirt that fits you right, and then it starts to smell like the gym even fresh from the dryer? I would like to smelly-washer THAT SHIRT and see what happens.


I so want this! I use dish rags instead of paper towels and they can get really stinky!


I am SO entering this contest...my washer also stinks, more after i wash my sons' clothing. I thought it odd because it's only a year old washer, but glad to read it's not just me. Hope I win!


If our washer smells a little we have used regular old vinegar which has worked fine.


I wonder if it would work on my smelly tennis shoes.


I want to de-stink a number of things around the house, most of them belonging to my children. Or, hmmm. Can I use it on the children themselves? That would rock. ;)


I recently read on a consumer site that this is a very common problem with front-loading washers (which I have). I always try to keep the door open to air it out after using it, but when I've forgotten (which I have...)YUK! The article said it was due to bacteria built up on rubber gaskets from small amounts of water sitting there for a while.


What's in this product? Baking soda?


Very interesting and thanks, Karen for posting. Although I've had a front-load machine for two years, I am still discovering new things about it. Recently, I was clearing the usual cat hair from inside the rubber gasket and noticed a yucky film collecting deep in the ridge where the gasket connects to the machine. I've always dried the gasket after the last load but never noticed this before. I can see how this could get smelly. Again, thank you very much for the information.


I've had same experience as Tonya, noticing the need to keep door open to the front loader whenever it's not in use. But if I forget....peeuw....I'd love to try the new product on some towels that were left wet, behind the the closed door, too long.


I bought a house three years ago and they left their old washing machine. I've noticed that it smells when I take the clothes out, but like you, thankfully the clothes don't smell. I didn't know there was a product to take away the smell. I would LOVE to try it. Fingers crossed...


I too would love a bottle of this. My Maytag Neptune is also stinky - not that I have researched how to get rid of the smell. How often do you have to use it?
Thanks I will be ordering a bottle


My front-loading washer also smells some times. I thought it was just me....


Hmmm...glad to know that it is not just me however I'm not sure any of us will be invited to join the "cool club" after admitting to it!


And the winner, courtesy of random.org, is commenter #11: Marcie!


Hi Karen,
I just wanted to let you know that I got the product last Saturday and I used it Sunday night. It totally worked. I would've been skeptical to purchase a bottle, so I'm so glad I won it. I've been telling all my friends and family about it. Thanks again for picking me!

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