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November 01, 2009



Dots are very sticky--got any of those? Good luck.


Isn't it the permanent tooth coming in on top of the baby tooth that makes it loose in the first place? I actually had a permanent tooth grow in THROUGH a baby tooth and had to have the baby tooth pulled in pieces around it by a dentist! Anyway, I have a hunch the dentist will need to help things along! (Probably wouldn't use the word "yank" in Pete's presence, though!) :o)


Laughy Taffy is the key. Or at least, it pulled out a filling for me a few years ago.


once when I was in grade school, I had a loose-ish molar that was bugging me. I wasn't squeamish about such things, so I went to the boy's room, took a paper towel and yanked it with my fingers. (Paper helps the grip.) Ten minutes later, after staunching the blood, I realized I'd pulled the wrong one. True story.

Good luck, P-dog.


What' with the little patterned squares next to the commenters? Do I get one?




My younger son had this happen on two teeth, the pointy ones, I think. It really hurt him, too - but the dentist said that the new tooth would push the baby tooth out just fine, and it did... and the adult tooth moved into the perfect spot, which I was afraid wouldn't happen.


The best candy for pulling out fillings (at least for me) is salt water taffy and pure caramel cubes. Works every time. Salt water taffy - 10 cents for a piece in Maine (The Goldenrod) - $1,000 dental bill for porcelein onlay.


Sugar Daddy! The Sugar Daddy is the Mack Daddy of filling/deciduous tooth removal, at least based on my personal experience. It's so much stickier than most normal caramel that NASA has been using it as a Space Shuttle heat-resistant tile adhesive for years now.

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