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November 29, 2009



I heard someone explain that thing about the celery on a news program on TV just the other day, but I can't remember why they said it wasn't true.


I wonder what happens in Israel? There are SO many Israelis with tattoos.

Just wondering...


1. Refute: I like to believe it's true, but my husband laughs at me and says the acid in your stomach eats thru the gum dang fast.

2. Confirm: Not a scientific answer; I just haven't heard anything to disprove it.

3. Refute: Have to believe this is false... what would they do about Holocaust survivors? Though I do recall hearing this as a kid as well.


The rabbis made an exception for concentration camp tattoos.


There is also an exception for converts to Judaism who got the tattoos prior to their conversion.


What happens after death to a Jew who is not buried in a Jewish cemetery? I mean, is there some purported consequence?


1. False (I think it just goes through your system, as is. No decomp, no nothing. Just a lump of gum.
2. True
3. I'd like to believe False
How about the one about refraining from swimming for at least an hour after eating? This would make for an uncomfortable swim, but cramping up and drowning? Not so sure about that.


This reminds me that when I was a teenager I was solemnly informed, and earnestly believed, that if you drank enough wine to get drunk you would wake up the following morning with an incredible thirst but you shouldn't drink any water because if you do "you'll get just as drunk all over again." Apparently this was only supposed to happen with wine.


Well according to the internets:
2.True: http://www.snopes.com/food/ingredient/celery.asp
3.False: http://judaism.about.com/od/conversi2/f/tatoos_burial.htm

Whether we trust the internets or not is another question.

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