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November 04, 2009



See ya on Thanksgiving, Karen! I'm sure it'll be just wonderful! My mouth is already watering. :o)


P.S. What would you like me to bring?


Only THREE WEEKS. OK, now I'm stressed. Thanks a lot. :)


26??? Holy smokes that is a large crowd. We go to my parent's house - about 14 on a good year. I am in charge of desserts. Have to make my candied cranberry chocolate tart along with an apple pie. Need another two desserts. Good luck.


OK, this is my eternal question. How much turkey are you supposed to get per person? What size turkey will you get for 17? Last year I had 12 and was advised to get 1.5 lbs per person for leftovers. I ended up getting 2 10-pounders because my three brothers all fight over the legs. We ended up eating only the one turkey and the other went untouched. (Except for the one of the legs.) :-) Clearly that was too much for us...maybe we're more "sides people." Sorry to hijack your post, but I need advice on this! Moms who have done this for years, please advise! (It's only my second time.)


The guidelines I've seen call for 1 pound per meat-eating adult. I don't feel comfortable cooking a monster-size bird, though, so for 26 people (including 1 vegetarian and my 3 young kids) I always got two 15-pounders -- which left plenty for leftovers. For 17 people (still including the vegetarian and kids), I will probably get just one 15-pounder. Haven't really thought it through yet! Maybe your market carries turkey legs that you can roast alongside the whole bird (although obviously for not quite as long)?


Could you please plan MY Thanksgiving meal? Tell me what works and I'll make it!


We willskip the main meal and have leftovers on Friday. My husband is a newspaper editor which means working on holidays sometimes. Since he is working this Thanksgiving, we are having a complete leftover day on Friday. I'm going to cook everything on Thanksgiving, and put it away for Friday.


I have 22 coming...my solution when it's been under 18 is to do a turkey breast and then a whole turkey. Most people are not dark meat fans and so the breast provides enough white meat to feed everyone. I make the breast first, then the turkey, then heated gravy goes over it all.


Karen, are you a briner?


Yes, ma'am! See this post: http://verbatim.blogs.com/verbatim/2005/11/turkey_101.html

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