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December 28, 2009


DesignHER Momma

but it's kinda cool - in a drinky drink sort of way...


Ahhh, baseball. Just around the corner, Karen. Just around the corner. (Love the concept, too. The other cities are New Orleans and LA - here's an about.com piece that mentions them however, there's no info on voting for the next city: http://cocktails.about.com/od/vodkadrinkrecipes/gr/absolut_boston.htm)


Apparently there are more than three. Add Vancouver to the list:


I'm really not a web geek, I just enjoy vodka every once in a while.


I don't know how I feel about this. Kinda cool, but kinda gimicky. If you told me it was yummy it would make it easier for me to get behind a product like this.

I think I'm going to have to go thumbs-down. So many worthy libations out there that we don't need a spirit specifically aimed at the back wall of our beloved ball field.

Plus, I'm more of a Stolichnaya man.

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