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December 16, 2009



Don't worry so much, I had much the same experience, and I got mine pierced just a few days before her. I think it's just a reminder that you really do need to wait and make sure they're well healed. She'll look fabulous in her new baubles soon enough!


She may have just slept funny on it and it got irritated. That still happens to me if I sleep with earrings in!

I would avoid Neosporin and other ointments; remember, a piercing is a puncture wound, and needs to breathe. The cleaner from Claire's is fine, as is Bactine-type things. If she's really unhappy (though I suspect it's probably already better today), mix up some warm salt water in a shot glass and soak her earlobe for 5-10 minutes -- the salt will draw out the gunk.

Hope she's on the mend. :)


I had to get my ears pierced three times before it finally "took". (And I mean only 1 hole per ear, not three!) Ugh.

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