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December 08, 2009



I got the H1N1, but only because my doctor offered it to me at my check up. "You're a teacher, so you're OK." Otherwise, the vaccine was pretty hard (impossible) to find around here unless you were in one of the high risk groups. Several of our admin, including our 50 year principal got it, and they were utterly miserable and couldn't come to work for a couple of weeks. So, it's not very mild from what I've seen.


Daughter and I had H1N1 this past summer. She was much sicker than I was. We'll be getting shots for all the kids. I always get seasonal because I come into contact with so many people.

BTW, we've had several kids at the shul come down with it. And a few have had serious complications.


None of my kids are getting the shot; I am but only because I have no spleen so I fall into the high risk category. My internal medicine practice doesn't have any vaccine however, so at the (cough) young age of 47 I am going to my ob-gyn to get the H1N1 shot!


Our kids received the first round of H1N1 shots and are scheduled for their second round if they don't run out of vaccine. There is none to be had for the adults in the area though. They are having a tough time getting enough for the kids and other high-risk individuals. That said, we think both of our children actually had H1N1. Fortunately, it was a few days of high fever and aches, but they recovered without complications.


Both kids got round one at the pediatricians office. Round two is not being offered by the pediatrician, until all who want #1 receive theirs. Mark got his second shot yesterday at school.

I am hunting one down for me, unsuccessful so far. Every week I call my PCP's office.

My boss had H1N1 full blast, and he was out for over a week - very high fever. We had friend's whose 3 year old landed up at Children's Hospital for three days due to H1N1.


In our family the symptoms were not extreme, but they certainly lingered....a full week for one child and one adult each.

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