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December 21, 2009



These early teen years can be rough going, but overall I have thoroughly enjoyed having teenagers! I have had 2 teens for a few years now, plus I have spent time as a teacher of many more teens, and they are wonderful. Happy birthday to Steph!


Holy Guacamole!! How did that happen so fast? Happy Birthday, Steph!!


Please post a picture of the teenager!


My goodness, I feel like I was JUST reading the post about Steph being able to ride in the front seat following her 12th bday! How is it that the baby years of riding in the back and the teen years are separated by only one year? Congrats to both you and to Steph! I think 13 is probably one of the most dreadful and exciting years all at once, but the scales tip toward exciting if you've got a great mom to help you through it. Steph seems to be in good hands :)




Mazel tov!


Birthday wishes still coming...

I don't know how girls are different than boys. Payne is fairly agreeable and pleasant to be around most of the time. His synapses, though, are firing off in the most random directions with some pretty bizarre results. I know we can all make it through this, but some days I wonder how.

Good luck navigating it all. :)

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