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December 27, 2009



I am amazed that this is not a yeast dough. Count me in!


Karen, I've link you to my blog as one of my #BestBlogsof2009.

Here's what I said: "My #BestWebsites2009 http://verbatim.blogs.com/verbatim/ || @WiseKaren lives in Newton, MA, where I used to be a sales representative for Clairol. Karen cooks, writes and tends to her family. I think of her as a daughter!"

Right up to the curls in your hair. In some way, you do bear a resemblance to one of my bonus daughters. Bonus=step in the parlance of http://www.bonusfamilies.com

Have a wonderful 2010, and I'm glad I found you! #Ellen


Thanks for this recipe--it was a quick and easy treat. I made these buns this morning for a bunch of middle-school girls. They enjoyed them quite a bit, although next time I'll cook them a little less (the buns, not the girls, although I was tempted when they weren't settling down to sleep in the wee hours of the morning!).

The only 9-inch cake pan I have is springform, which actually worked out quite nicely. To cut down on the butter, I oiled the pan and didn't brush as much on the tops of the buns as called for. I also didn't end up using all of the filling. Finally, I think I'll skip or cut back on the cloves next time. We just bought a new container of ground cloves, and it's strong stuff.

Jean Glowicki

A friend of mine has mentioned that her mother (now deceased) made "Butter Buns" and how sorry she is that she does not have her recipe. I'm going to bake a batch of these and see if they are what she's been missing so much.

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