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December 15, 2009



I was at Talbot's the other day (also against my will)and the saleswoman commented that I had picked a good day to shop because the store was empty. She was crestfallen when I told her that the mall parking lot was quite full. "Then where is everyone?", she asked. Where, indeed?


One nice thing about Las Vegas is the free valet parking. So on those days you just let someone else pahk the cah and give them a couple dollars when you pick it up.


I typically park at the back or near-back of any lot. I'd much rather walk a bit than drive around. It drives me crazy when Cliff is driving and chooses to drive in that insane lane between the parking lot and the store - you know - the one with all the pedestrians?


I avoid the mall like the plague. My blood pressure was rising just reading that.

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