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January 01, 2010



Peace would be nice. I'll have to see what comes out of my mouth when I say the year. Then I'll see what I'm comfortable with.


I've been comfortable with Twenty Ten already. It just seems to flow. And make sense. I can't imagine that they ever referred to 1910 as One Thousand Nine Hundred and Ten! :o)

Yes, peace would be nice. Don't we always wish for this every single year around this time?


Let's look at your grandparents' situation first:

Nineteen hundred ten. Five syllables.
Nineteen-ten. Three syllables.

No-brainer: Nineteen-ten.

Now, our situation:

Two thousand ten: Four syllables.
Twenty-ten: Three syllables.

Once again, a no-brainer. And it appears to be catching on. Welcome to the Twenteens!

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