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January 13, 2010



I can't believe you didn't go for the "Dude, where's my..."


Oh my gosh, that story is soooooo funny. I am laughing outloud in my office! Thank you, and you know what, we all have those days!


I'm laughing and I already heard the story. Or, maybe I just love getting mentioned in the blog.


I too have done that, driven to a friend's to carpool, then gotten dropped off at home. really scary thing is how long it took me to figure out where my car was....Liz


Until you have caught yourself digging around in your purse for your cell phone while talking on it, like yours truly, you are fine...


I just got a new car, less than a week ago. I keep looking for the old car in parking lots and can't find it, so I kind of know the feeling.

It's been AGES since I commented, but since this is officially Delurker Day, I thought I'd...you know, delurk for a change.


I look for my car on the wrong floor of the parking garage at work at least twice a month. I won't have that problem come spring when I am back on my bike.

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