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January 18, 2010



Word Warp sounds a bit like Word Twist which I play on Facebook every day with a cyber friend who lives in Colorado. We've gotten so expert at it that we play with seven letters. Woo-hoo!



I am still hooked on SET, which is all because of you! I'll try the scrabble one; but i'm not a whiz at it...yet.


Love Drop7!! I downloaded when you tweeted about it and now my boys and I play nonstop. Words With Friends sounds great!


I would love to play Words With Friends with you. Please send me an iPhone and then we'll be all set.


I'll check out the Words With Friends. Have you tried Bookworm?


I absolutely LOVE games but vowed that I would never download one on my iPhone. Strange, hey? Some apps that I couldn't live without are Grocery iQ (I always have my grocery list with me -- and you can organize the isles to match the stores you frequent); pUniverse (what's in the sky tonight? -- or, amateur astronomy on steroids); and FileMagnet (literally makes your iPhone a 14GB thumb drive).


Bookworm is like Pathwords in that there are letter tiles on the board. You click on connecting tiles to form words. New letters fall from top. After a certain point, tiles will be on fire and start to fall towards the bottom. Once a tile "burns" up at the lowest postion, game over. I think it is $2.99.

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