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January 24, 2010



I was depressed for days about Robert B. Parker's death. I did think he would get a kick out of a line in his obituary: "Foul play is not suspected." He was so prolific, I was hoping we would find out that there was a syndicate writing the books, but alas ...

In my opinion, although his might not be classified as "great literature," he wrote some of the best dialogue in modern fiction.


I was a fan of Parker's early books, but got tired of them as time wore on. But one of my all time favorite episodes of Oprah was when she did one of those summer-reading lineups (must've been early to mid '90s). Judith Krantz was going on (and on and on ...) about how it had been 20 years since she'd written Scruples, and although she'd sworn she would never write a sequel, she couldn't help it because the characters were haunting her, following her through her life, telling her to pick up their story, speaking dialogue out for her to incorporate into the book. Parker sat there, looking faintly horrified, and when it was his turn said simply, "I sit down every morning and write for four hours. No one tells me what to write. I don't hear any voices." RIP, Spenser.


I am not-so-old folkie who loved the McGarrigle Sisters. And a fan of "Spenser" novels. Been too caught up in our own family illnesses to notice, but these are melancholy losses....

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