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January 21, 2010



OMG, you definitely have to take this dress back to Macy's and at the very least get some sort of credit from them. That is ridiculous (and really gross).


I know someone (who used to be related to me but isn't now) who wore a dress to a wedding and then returned it. She didn't even take the tags off, but tucked them in her sleeve. Come to think of it, the dress was purple. But that was a long time ago, and in another state!


Even if you keep the dress, you should write to Macy's. At least they should pay for the dry cleaning. In my opinion they should discount the dress as well.


Yes, people do buy dresses, wear them for a long night of drinking and dancing, and then return them. Pretty shady. Get a refund or something.

In my role as wedding photographer I've seen more Spanx than you can possibly imagine. Sometimes it's pretty hot. Sometimes... well, sometimes I wish I could unsee what I've seen.

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This was on Boing Boing the other day:


An idea - Go to Macy's customer service (go and don't call so you are not put on hold, but you are in FRONT of a real human); and show them the dress and have them look at the inventory nationwide and have you ship a BRAND new dress to your home address. That is terrible. Paying for a new dress, only to find it was used.


I haven't laughed out loud like that in a long time. Your story sounds like the Seinfeld episode when Jerry can't get that B.O. smell out of his car! LOL


That stinks.


I'm with Stephanie. Tell Macy's what happened and I bet they can find you another one. Good luck!


Well, that sounds like a hassle you don't need. I do agree with the others that *in your copious spare time* you should return the dress in person and ask the customer service representative to find you another one or compensate you for the dry-cleaning. What a yucky drag.


Yuck! I'm terribly behind on e-mail. But I would also suggest Googling the brand and any other pertinent info about the dress to see if you can find it at another outlet. If all else fails, even seek out the name and number of the buyer for that Macy's. He/she may have some ideas. Good luck...with this...not Scrabble. ;)

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