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January 25, 2010


James Burke

Nice job on the board!


Found this on the internets.

"Soaked underarms of garment in undiluted 3% antibacterial hydrogen peroxide for 5 hours, then washed out. Success! -- I think - I'll have to wait until garment is completely dry and heat (from iron) is applied to problem areas before I'll know if the smell is really completely gone. "

I suppose you should test a hidden part of fabric first.


Love the board! maybe something like Febreeze would work on the dress? At least it might work for the day so you aren't smelly :)


1. Nice job on the board!!!!! I did not know this had become standard. Good to know.

2. Customer Service - Now Nordstroms knows how to train their employees. . . . wish everyone did.


We get hand me downs from friends who keep their baby clothes in their basement, so the clothes come to us with a delicious aroma of mildew. We get it out by soaking the clothes in regular white vinegar and then washing with an enzyme soap. Sometimes it takes two tries but it always works.


Nice board! Do you have a special room in your house for "glitter" projects, or are you like me and have resigned yourself to the fact that individual specks of glitter will continue to appear for the next several years?

I've had glitter appear on my eyebrow weeks after a project. Go figure.

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