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February 04, 2010



Mazel Tov Karen. We're supposed to go to Baltimore for my nephew's BM this weekend and we may miss it because of the blizzard headed there. Be VERY thankful that you won't have to deal with that! Enjoy!

Lisa Goldstein

Mazel tov, Karen! It's such a proud and emotional time, watching your child take his or her place in the chain of Jewish tradition. Enjoy every moment!!!

Lisa Adler Goldstein


How lucky you are to have the rabbi you have, instead of, say, the rabbis in "A Serious Man."

Mazel tov all around!

karen polinsky

I am so excited for you all. Arinn's Bat Mitzvah was three weeks ago and it was fantastic. I'm still feeling wonderful from it! I hope your whole weekend is super. Remember, you get to a point where you just have to let go and enjoy. Mazel tov!


Karen, it will be wonderful. Steph will shine and you will be so overflowing with pride that there won't be room for much else. Mazel tov!!


Good luck!!!!! I can't believe it is here.

BTW, for my BM, my younger brother woke up feeling ill on the day of MY BM. My mom told him he was nervous (I don't know about what, but whatever). Well, turns out the next day he was feeling worse - he had chicken pox . . . . the good thing was that only ONE person at my BM got Chicken Pox 3 weeks later. . . . ME! I had over 300 of them, but the BIG day was part of the past, and no one else got them.

Good luck to Steph.

Will you post a photo or two next week?


Congratulations & good luck! I can't believe the big day is finally (almost) here!


Mazel Tov, Karen -- to you and Steph and the whole family. What a happy milestone. Enjoy!

Rachel K

Mazel Tov! Look forward to your next blog posting to hear how it went!


And I was looking forward to hearing about the great ice storm of 2010! It looks like you dodged that bullet - Yay!


Seems like yesterday you were given the date—two years out! And now it's here! Enjoy yourselves!


I hope it all goes swimmingly. I'll be at one myself, next weekend, for my son's good pal Abby. Her mom seems quite serene about all the hoopla, but perhaps that's just an act.


Much, much mazal to you and Andy for reaching this amazing milestone in your parenting journey. Try to enjoy every moment!!!


Mazel tov, Karen... it will be a wonderful day.


Hooray for Steph and for all of you. Have a great time.

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